We are proud to announce that Roblox Corporation is acquiring key intellectual property assets of Imbellus, a leading provider of game- and simulation-based assessment. Additionally, several Imbellus team members are joining Roblox, including founder and CEO, Rebecca Kantar, and President and Chief Scientist, Jack Buckley.

Imbellus has pioneered building and delivering simulation-based assessments that evaluate how people think instead of just what they know. Our tests combine compelling, game-like experiences with advanced, sophisticated psychometrics and data science to deliver fair, reliable, and valid assessment for the workforce and education. For the past five years, Imbellus has been developing and delivering the next-generation of assessments, measuring complex ideas like problem-solving and systems-thinking – the human cognition that matters most for success in the workplace.

As Roblox builds the metaverse, they are growing a team of top-talent to solve some of the most difficult challenges in technology. That’s why Roblox is looking to simulation-based assessments for recruiting purposes - to evaluate how people think, not just what they know. We will be part of a new team building a system on Roblox for fair, objective and inclusive assessments, and helping to continue to broaden sources of potential talent from diverse backgrounds. We’re vision and values aligned and optimistic about what we can build together.